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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Back again... (Bard was good)

I'm back...

Actually I never went away. I've been reading & posting on the big "when does life begin discussion". Thanks to everyone contributing. I've found out that one of my assumptions is not shared by everyone...

So what's been happening recently?

School's been back in session. I think this year is going to be a very good one. Some problematic students didn't come back this year, and the general attitude in the school seems much improved. (By most people). Maybe it was just me, but the end of last year seemed a bit strained.

I went to Bard on the Beach with WestCoastLoon last Saturday and saw "As you like it". Very good. The second half had the whole "many stupid things happen to wrap the story up" problem that Shakespeare seems to have sometimes, but the first half was great. That and Christopher Gaze's introductions are excellent. How anyone can not be a Shakespeare fan with him there, I'm not sure.

Yesterday, I got to take the Grade 11 students to see "Hamlet". Yes, I got paid to go see Shakespeare with my students.

Hamlet was even better than the last play. They did the costumes in a 20th century style which I think made it a lot more accessible, but of course they used the original dialogue. (Which they should). It was also set in the round, which I'd never been in before. (Very nice). Bob Frazer was excellent, and Michael Scholar Jr. who played Laertes and the murderer in the play within the play was incredibly expressive. Bard does their fight scenes well. (In both plays). They also used slow-motion part of the time in Hamlet's final scene which I hadn't seen before.

Here's some photos of the plays. (No I didn't take these). Photos are from the official Bard on the Beach website.

Update: September 20th 2005
I'm removing the photos from this post. The person I contacted at Bard about them was very nice, but apparently even using the low-resolution versions of the photos available on their website is outside the permissible equity parameters. She gave me permission to repost them until the end of the month, but I'm removing them now as I'll most like forget to do it on the 30th.

What else has been going on?

Well we had a fantastic sunset the other day, and if anyone was wondering where my new avatar came from.

Sunset in Langley

Sunset in Langley

Other than that it's just been a normal September. Photography showing at Steeps Tea Lounge on Broadway on Thursday, house party for the new people moving in downstairs last night. This is my life. :)

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Rentersweek & Renting Apartments - Why Canada needs to be more techie...

A friend of mine owns a company called Basically it's a website that advertises and lists apartment rentals in the Greater Vancouver area, advertising sublets, things like that.

It seems to me that this vastly superior to the old classified ads thing, church bulletin boards and the like. Maybe I'm more techie on this than some, but I find it frustrating to have to filter out all the ones that are way out of my price range or are way too cheap to be livable. Plus, I really don't like searching things manually. I'm getting used to using Google and Wikipedia as my instant outsourced memory, and I'm beginning to expect to be able to sort everything instantly. The ability to do an instant apartment search for two-bedroom apartments in Burnaby within my price range and leave out all the unfurnished ones is starting to seem like a necessity.

It's like for job searches. It's just a better way. I think this sort of thing is available in the States, so why not here?

There are a couple of things to improve on the site though. First of all, if someone's going to advertise their apartment for rent, it's just stupid or lazy to not include picture. It's easy. If you're going to make me drive all the way out to see the place, (when it's completely unnecessary), I'm instantly less likely to want to rent it. It would be like not including a photo on an eBay listing. Although, that is a funny graphic to put in for people who don't provide photos. At first I thought the beaver was holding an electric toothbrush. (That would be odd).

Secondly, they need to have more advanced search options. Furnished/Unfurnished is nice, but it's not enough. I'd like to be able to include only apartments that have washer/dryer and dishwasher in the apartment. If I'm going to reject anything that doesn't meet a certain set of criteria, it makes sense to be able to search based on all of my criteria.

Nothing's ever going to beat your good friend deciding to rent out part of his house to you, but that's not always going to happen.

Anythoughts? i.e. How do we get more techie stuff like this in Canada? Or am I in a minority in wanting this?

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