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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Driving in the Okanagan...

I have a lot of complaints about the driving in the Okanagan, from people who don't know how to merge going down the bridge hill to people who think that the left lane is the only possible lane to be in when you're driving between Westbank and Boucherie, but I found a new reason to complain the night before last.

I ended up calling the police on my way home from a friend's place in Kelowna Friday night. Some guy (I assume) in a truck was either drunk or way too tired to be driving. It was only 11:30, so I'm guessing it was alcohol rather than lack of sleep, but exhaustion can be just as deadly. (Thank you Caleb & Andy for pointing that one out to me...) Why is it that people who would never drive after drinking too much will get behind the wheel of a car with their eyelids drooping?

Update: August 10th 12:55pm

Carla points out that my writing is confusing. (See comments). Merge at the bottom of the bridge hill people.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

First day at my new job...

So today was my first day at my new job. So far, so good. :)

Not much to say really... I guess it's not terribly interesting to anyone else, but my month long holiday is over.

I've been a bit absent from my blog lately, but that's mostly the summer thing. That, and I don't really want to write about Lebanon. I haven't even been answering my e-mails properly. We'll see how it goes...

Update: Here's some photos of the weekend. (Yes I am dragging in the wake on purpose. Trust me, it's fun!)

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