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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bears at the office...

Well technically it was only one bear. He wandered down to the house across the street from my office on Friday.

The next photo was taken from the garage door you can see in the previous photo. He's about six feet off the ground.

He spent most of his time knocking apples out of the tree behind the house. He was back on Monday, but we haven't seen him since. I love my job. The work is great and some days I get to go out and look at bears.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

New blood libel! The Jews killed Mickey Mouse!

So I heard the other day that Hamas has a children's show called Tomorrow's Pioneers that until recently had featured their own fairly obvious rip-off of Mickey Mouse called Farfour.

Not surprisingly Disney and others had a bit of a problem with Mickey being used to indoctrinate children with nasty messages about Jews and Hamas did eventually take Farfur off the air, although perhaps not in the way Disney would have. Take a look at the YouTube video.

That is one seriously messed up children's show!

Oh, and Farfour also blames the Jews when he's caught cheating in school. Oh Hamas... Is there anything you can't blame on the Jews? I think one of the more creepy things about this video is that Farfour's Uncle Hazem actually sounds like a very nice man. It's amazing what a soft voice can do for nasty propaganda...

There's also a more complete video of Farfour's end without the cut and with some more video...

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