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February 7th, 2010

As I’m sure everyone knows, the EU hates the seal hunt. They despise it so much they’ve banned all seal products from entering the EU because they think it’s cruel. This from a land that allows people to torment bulls for sport in an arena.

The best thing Michaëlle Jean has done as Governor-General has done has been to promote the seal hunt.

For the record, the seal hunt is not cruel unless you think it’s always cruel to kill an animal for any reason no matter how humanely it’s done. Canada does not allow white pups, (the ones you see outdated pictures of), and all hunting must be done humanely.  The seal ban is pure hypocrisy.  Attacking foreigners is fine, but they won’t look at the board in their own eye.

Their exception for the Inuit is equally offensive.  The Inuit are rather annoyed that their ancient practice and food source is maligned as barbaric, but leave that aside for a moment.  The EU claims that they’re sensitively allowing an exception for the Inuit, but it’s an entirely racist exception.  The exception isn’t based how the seals are hunted, it’s based on the race of the hunter.  Two people can do exactly same thing and only one is granted an exception because of his race.  This is racism pure and simple.

Furthermore, the exception only applies if the Inuit keep their culture in the quaint little package from hundreds of years ago.  And even then they find it “bizarre”.  When Michaëlle Jean joined in a traditional ceremony to show support for Inuit culture, the European Union spokeswoman called it “too bizarre to acknowledge.” In any case, the Inuit only get that small exception to import for “traditional” uses.  All cultures grow, evolve, interact and trade with other cultures, but the Inuit seal hunt had better not if they want to keep in the good graces of the EU and maintain even that small racist exception they’ve been granted.

I thoroughly approve of the Canadian government serving seal meat to the G7 representatives and showcasing seal products.  I doubt it’s changed any minds though.  When Kent Driscoll, the Iqaluit-based reporter with the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, directly asked the four EU finance ministers at a press conference if they’d be taking any information about sealing home they simply refused to answer the question even when prompted a second time Jim Prentice had to answer for them.

Arrogant hypocrites.

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