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March 19th, 2010

I foolishly left my new blog open to comments from users who weren’t logged in when I installed WordPress.  As a result I ended up with over 6,000 comments on this post from spammers.  Apparently they have tools to automate the process of entering a name and an e-mail address which doesn’t really surprise me.  Spammers are annoying cretins, but one SQL query deleted them all.

So as a consequence I’m now requiring people to log in before they comment.  Of course I don’t actually have anyone commenting on my blog anymore, but a year without posts will do that.  I could have forced some kind of captcha system, but I find those irritating.

I’m managing logins with Google FriendConnect as well as WordPress accounts.  You don’t actually need an account with Google to log in with FriendConnect, any OpenID login will do.  As a bonus, Google FriendConnect has a few social networking features.  (All optional I believe.)

Out of curiosity, is there anyone reading this who doesn’t like FriendConnect?

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