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March 19th, 2010

I find it faintly amusing when people can’t seem to grasp the fact that there is more than one version of “religious”. Sometimes I suspect that it’s rooted in anti-religious bigotry and boneheaded ignorance, but I can’t really prove it. Antonia Zerbisias’ piece in the star today isn’t particularly bad, but it’s a good sample of the problem.

Basically, she doesn’t like the Conservative’s position on maternal health care for the upcoming G8 summit. The Conservatives have been contradicting themselves, but that doesn’t really matter for this issue. Ms. Zerbisias claims that Mr. Harper is motivated by religious beliefs in the initial policy that they wouldn’t include contraception.

Quote: “This is just a Trojan horse for your religious beliefs.”   Wow. That’s scary stuff!

Except for one small detail.  Stephen Harper isn’t a Roman Catholic. He’s an evangelical Christian and a member of the Christian and Missionary Alliance church. They don’t oppose contraception.

So to buy Ms. Zerbisias’ argument you have to swallow the fallacy that all those “Christian types” are the same. It works if you’re just bigoted against Christians or religious people in general, or just plain uninformed, but the argument just doesn’t hold water.

The fact is that the issue is a lot more nuanced than the “Harper’s a misogynist” crowd wants to recognize.  Muddying the issue by lumping abortion in with family planning as Ms. Zerbisias makes the problem worse not better.

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